New Orleans Cabaret and Brass Bands

If you’re looking for the best burlesque shows in New Orleans, you’ve come to the right place. The city is known for its New Orleans babydolls shows and hosts an annual three-day festival of burlesque performances at a variety of venues, including the Civic Theatre, Harrah’s Casino, and the House of Blues. Founded in 2009, this festival is held in mid to late-September.


Burlesque has seen a resurgence in New Orleans, and across the country. It combines production values with sex appeal, and performers don’t take themselves too seriously. They also include audience participation. Depending on the show, burlesque may include songs, dancing, or both.

Burlesque began in the United States in 1868, when Lydia Thompson and the British Blondes introduced the genre to the country. This show featured songs, comic monologues, and dance routines, as well as striptease performances. It was often performed by a variety of performers, including native talent and dancers. Many performers soon had a large entourage, including personal stylists, makeup artists, and managers. Some became famous, including Blaze Starr, who became the mistress of Governor Huey Long.

Burlesque is a popular form of entertainment in New Orleans, and can be seen in a variety of venues. Some are cabaret, some are burlesque, and some are drag. A variety of burlesque shows are available in the city, and there are even a few burlesque festivals that are worth attending.


New Orleans is known for its cabaret tradition. Many of the city’s performers were famous from the city’s early days of nightlife. Some of them included Julian Eltinge, Josephine Baker, Nita and Zita, and Lilly Christine. This dazzling show showcases the best in cabaret and vaudeville, and will titillate you with plenty of skin.

New Orleans cabaret Vaudeville was also home to some of the world’s most famous comedians. Bob Bell began his career as a singer and later moved into the vaudeville industry. His vaudeville performances included his one-man show “The Sign of the Rose,” which had its premiere at the Garrick Theater in New York in 1911. Following the end of his vaudeville career, Bell signed with the famous silent-film director Thomas Ince. After his vaudeville career, he went on to work in films and acted in several feature films. He later became the pastor of Unity Church in North Hollywood.

The cabarets of New Orleans attracted all levels of society. The wealthy went to Grunewald’s cave to watch a cabaret, while the sporting types went to Storyville or Tango Belt cabarets. According to Variety, the most popular cabarets in Storyville included the Turf, Brooks’, and Raleigh cabarets.

Brass bands

Brass bands are a part of New Orleans’s musical heritage, dating back to colonial days. These ensembles are composed of brass instruments such as trombones, trumpets, and clarinets, as well as snare drum and bass drum. They perform at many different venues, from neighborhood clubs to international festivals. They provide a unique musical experience, bringing people together for a shared pleasure.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is a well-known New Orleans brass band. Formed in 1977, this ensemble performs jazz and zydeco. The band has toured all five continents and played in more than 30 countries. Their musical style has been credited with influencing many popular bands today.

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